Beckett Chamber Music Series explored the connection between words and music – thematically, expressively, spatially and temporally – inspired by Samuel Beckett's reduction of artistic expression into a medium which is something in between these two things.

Spread across three concerts, curated by violinist Sarah Sew and featuring Ireland's leading musicians, it took place at the intimate setting of the Boy's School at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.

The culminative performance of Words and Music, a radio play by Morton Feldman & Samuel Beckett in collaboration with Everett Frost, featured actors Barry McGovern and Stephen Brennan.

This was a very special project to be involved in as I got to both perform in the series and create promotional images to go with the three programmes.

Sarah Sew - violinist/artistic director

Moments from the final show rehearsal at Smock Alley Theatre:

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