Síobhra Quinlan is a multitasking femme fatale from Dublin. A singer, composer and producer, she performs her music as sfiiinx - an experimental avant-pop ensemble rooted in art-song, mythology and surrealism. We met a few years ago while making a recording one of her compositions which I played flute for. Last year we took a trip to a once-abandoned old mansion which was just at the onset of being transformed into a habitable place again. An eerie combination of neo-classical structure and run-down, desolate, overgrown elements gave off a feeling similar to the chimeric allure of Síobhra's music. This collaboration emerged pretty candidly out of our mutual fascination with the place and a couple of mornings spent running around the empty rooms and corridors.

Special thanks to Laura Kinsella for lending us her beautiful headpieces.

Síobhra Quinlan: www.siobhraquinlan.com

Laura Kinsella: www.laurakinsella.com

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